Which NFL Franchise is your NBA Team most alike?

The Super Bowl is rolling around next Sunday, and all of America has football fever. While I love football too and think it’s a great sport, I’ve never had an opportunity to play the sport in an organized fashion. Also, I’m more of a fan of college football due to it’s faster pace, more intense crowds, and the fact that they don’t play on Sundays. But nevertheless, I’ve decided that with the NFL being the center of attention right now, I might as well connect to my article. I’m comparing teams in the two leagues to see which represents the other best. A lot of things are taken into account, such as location, perception, decisions, titles, history, and many other possible factors. Here it goes:

76ers – Chicago Bears – As a big Sixers fan, this one was a pretty easy one. Both franchises are 2 of the most recognizable in their sport and 2 of the most historic. However, both have few titles due to some bad postseasons and misfortunes, and both have famous rivals, the Celtics and the Packers.

Celtics – Pittsburgh Steelers – Both are the most successful franchises in the sport and have two of the best dynasties ever, the Celtics in the 60s and the Steelers in the 70s. Both are hard, tough Northeast cities that are tied to the sport itself, and their fans always believe that they’ll have success due to their past.

Raptors – Carolina Panthers – This was a pretty tough one. The Raptors really embrace the whole “only team in Canada” thing, and it’s basically become their personality. I chose the Panthers because they’re both rather young franchises that are yet to win titles but have had very exciting athletic players and stars.

Knicks – New York Jets – Yes, it’s not the Giants. Some might say that Knicks are as important to the city as the G-Men, but they resemble the Jets more. Why? Well, they each had one great team that won them a couple of titles nearly 50 years ago and they have been a laughing stock ever since. Sound like anyone? Cause to me it sounds like the Jets getting a Super Bowl win with Broadway Joe, and now being remembered for the Butt-Fumble.

Nets – Cleveland Browns – No the Nets aren’t as bad as the Browns, no one is. But there was no other good options. Just being compared to the Browns immediately let’s one realize that they’ve struggled, but the Nets relate more because, like the Browns, they’re a historic franchise that belongs, but they’re always a perennial joke.

Cavs – Seattle Seahawks – Once again, the Cavs don’t have a clear choice, but I chose the ‘Hawks because like the Cavs, both were stuck in utter irrelevance until a recent championship. The only other comparison is the notable ego and personality on both franchises’ current teams.

Bulls – Green Bay Packers – I know this pains all Chicago fans with their hatred of the Pack, but the  Bulls due share multiple similarities. Being glamorous franchises despite being located in the Midwest, some of the greatest legends ever (Jordan, Favre, and Rodgers), and almost always being considered contender of favorites when they’re teams are loaded with talent.

Pacers – Philadelphia Eagles – Not the best comparison. As an Eagles fan myself, even I’m a little surprised that I picked this. But after thinking, I can see it. Both are respectable organizations that have had good years and solid teams, but they never can get it done and still remain ringless.

Pistons – Oakland Raiders – This one’s a given. The Bad Boy Pistons of the 80s even had famous shirts that said Detroit Raiders. They’re the rough cheap shotters that have changed both leagues and left a historical imprint.

Bucks – Miami Dolphins – The Bucks won with a famous team in 1971. The Dolphins won with a famous team in 1972 and 1973. That’s about it. And ever since then, both franchises have been dramatically underwhelming in their history.

Heat – New York Giants – Both have a lot of understated swagger that they know they’re smart franchises. They’ll go through rough years, but they’ll smartly rebuild and build champions. As evidence, NYG and the Heat have more then a couple of rings between them.

Magic – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – One of the few where location matters, because it feels like there is no reason to have either of these teams in these areas. No one care about sports in North Florida, it’s all about Miami. Both are simply pure expansion teams that serve the sole purpose of getting the owner’s more money. At least the Bucs figured things out once and won a title in ’02, sheesh.

Wizards – Los Angeles Rams – Both have the illusion that they’re relevant teams solely on the fact that they play in two of the biggest markets out there. However, both are franchises that are mired in mediocrity, and ultimately, they don’t really matter to the rest of the league.

Hawks – Atlanta Falcons – Okay, the location meant everything with this one. It’s because Atlanta is stereotyped. None of their fans show up to the games, because there’s like 32 of them total. But despite their terrible markets, they’re still solid. Also, they’re both birds if that counts for something.

Hornets – Minnesota Vikings – The fans support these two teams like crazy, even if they’ve never won it all. They show up to all games and are the reasons why both these teams are relevant. Not that it’s that important, but I also think that these are two of the better nicknames for teams.

Warriors – Denver Broncos – To be honest, there’s no good comparison for the Warriors. No league has ever seen anything like what the Warriors have experienced in the last 3 years. I only chose the Broncos because both won a championship in 2015. But that’s it. Simply put, the Warriors are in a league of their own.

Spurs – New England Patriots – This one was very obvious. Both were stuck in relative obscurity until the 2000s and since then they have both been the most successful franchises. Two of the best players ever: Brady and Duncan, two of the best coaches ever: Belichick and Poppovich, and the consistent theme of valuing teamwork and consistency over star-power.

Rockets – Washington Redskins – Both teams always seem to be competitive and have had some of the more fun and entertaining championship runs. Reason No.2 they both wear red. Crap, these reasons are getting bad.

Clippers – Cincinnati Bengals – Always competitive, always contenders, always super athletic and seem more talented than opponents, but somehow they always get eliminated early in the playoffs. They are the perennial chokers who are a running joke.

Jazz – Buffalo Bills – Both were eliminated in consecutive championship matches in the 90s, both play in tiny markets but have passionate fans, and both remain smart patient franchise that can just never get enough star power to win titles.

Thunder – Baltimore Ravens – Both “stole” franchises from cities that loved them and were blessed with immediate success, although the Ravens actually won instead of choked and didn’t go through the pain that OKC did this offseason. Last thought, they both sound like their teams were named by the kids on a 10 year-old community league team, just sayin’.

Grizzlies – Houston Texans – Both also have ridiculous AAU-like names, but have been solid in their young existences. During their playoff runs, they’ve been defeated because their great defenses are countered by their insufficient offenses.

Nuggets – Tennessee Titans – Both are kind of “Why the heck are you in the league” kind of teams. They have weird light blue uniforms and are in absolutely awful markets. And both are always stuck in the basement of the league.

Trail Blazers – Kansas City Chiefs – In my opinion, these two franchises have the two best fan bases in the league. No matter the record, the stadium and arena will be sold out for these squads. They are always competitive, made one great championship run, and are always an enjoyable team.

Pelicans – Jacksonville Jaguars – Tied for the worst names in sports. And yes, I know that I bashed on the names of the Thunder, Ravens, Texans, and Grizzlies, but those are just juvenile, not awful. Now Pelicans and Jaguars, those names just feel bad to say. Adding on, their uniforms suck and have terrible color schemes. And finally, they are horribly managed franchises stuck in the Southeast, where no one cares about pro sports.

Kings – Cleveland Browns (again) – Again: No one is as bad as the Browns. But the Kings are just as stupid. If you want to see my rant about how bad the Kings are, you should go back to my season preview. Bottom Line, Kings suck, Browns suck, Kings = Browns

Suns – Los Angeles Chargers – Franchises that always seem like there’s something missing because they play in the weak West Coast and seem like mentally-fragile teams. Both have had exciting offensive teams through the 2000s, Steve Nash super offense and the Rivers-Tomlinson-Gates trio for the Chargers. Both are relevant, but just aren’t winners.

Timberwolves – Detroit Lions – Both are very irrelevant and have only ever had one playoff success, meaning a post-season where they advanced one-round. They’re just not very good. But hopefully, the future has to get better for both.

Mavericks – New Orleans Saints – Both were arguably the worst franchises in sports before a recent championship elevated them to respectable level. They’re also known for signing names simply for flashy attraction that don’t pan out. And finally, they have 2 legends on their last legs that are respected for how proficient they are at their skills: Dirk and Drew Brees.

Lakers – Dallas Cowboys – This is obvious. Both are the flashiest organizations in sports along with the Yankees. Both have the second most rings in the league and even have the equivalent opposite conference rivals, the Celtics and the Steelers. When you think of style and star-power, it’s the Cowboys and Lakers that come to mind.





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