Who I’d Like to Play a Game with in the NBA (Point Guard Edition)

Every basketball player and NBA fan has wondered at sometime what it would be like to play as teammates alongside the best players in the world. There are some players that would alleviate all stress of the game to play with, while others would be a living headache. Here I am going to rank by tiers significant players at the point guard position and explains why I chose some of them. Hopefully, I’ll get to the other positions as well. Keep in mind, this is all from a forward/center’s perspective. Here we go.

Point Guards

Tier 1: Guys I would die to play with: Chris Paul, Steph Curry, TJ McConnell                                 Before I get ripped to pieces for my third choice, I’ll explain the first two. Chris Paul is not longer the NBA’s best point guard, but boy I’d do anything to have him as my team’s point guard. What’s better than having your point guard being a lock down defender, an incredibly gifted passer, an unselfish player who gets shots for you, and even when he does shoot, he’s good at that. For Curry, it’s for the sheer excitement and confidence he brings with his shooting, and the fact that his insane shooting creates open shots for everybody and makes the whole team better. And TJ? Well, that’s more of a “he’s my personal idol” thing. I just love him too much.

Tier 2: Guys who would make things fun: James Harden, Tony Parker, John Wall:                       Harden’s the MVP and makes offense magical, but his defensive effort would make me want to physically hurt him. Parker is so smart and unselfish that he’d just make life easier, and Wall’s defense and passing make things great, with his shooting being the only thing that holds him back.

Tier 3: Inconsistent, sometimes lovely, sometimes infuriating: Russell Westbrook, Isaiah Thomas, Kyle Lowry, Mike Conley: I know I’m a Westbrook hater, but I would love playing with a guy as intense and athletic as him. I’d also hate his lackluster defense and ballhogging. Isaiah is the league’s worst defender by rating, so that sums him up. I just don’t know what I’ll get each night with K-Low, which would worry me too much to make me enjoy having him as a point guard. And the whole time I’m playing with Conley I’d beg him to shoot more 3s while also pleading that he stops with his awful right-hand floaters.

Tier 3 1/2: Guys where I wouldn’t know what to think: Kemba Walker, Eric Bledsoe, George Hill: Like stated, I really don’t know what to think of these guys.

Tier 4: Guys who I’d hate to play with: Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Dennis Schroeder, Reggie Jackson, Ricky Rubio: Kyrie’s lack of passing from the guard spot as well as his blatant disdain for defense would be too much. Pretty much the same thing for Lillard, but even worse. Schroeder and Jackson are seem like total jerks and are two of the most selfish players I’ve seen in a while. And while I’d love Rubio’s passing, I’d cringe with horror every time I’d see him line up a shot.

Tier 5: Guys who would make me rather wash my eyes out with bleach than share the court with them: Elfrid Payton, Jeff Teague, Derrick Rose: We’re here. The NBA’s “please don’t trade for him list.” These guys are just a pain. Let’s go one by one. Payton – An overrated defender and attention hog. A shot with a form equivalent to that of DJ Khaled’s. Hair that makes him look like a Chia pet gone wrong. He’s so bad. Thank goodness that the Sixers traded him for Dario. Teague – No matter where he is, it feels like the team wants someone else. The feud between him and Schroeder in Atlanta was infamous and felt like watching two guys who like the same girl being forced to be friends with each other. His defense, holy crap his defense. It’s like watching a little kid being forced to play basketball by his parents in a community league. It’s just depressing. And Finally, Rose. To me, I’d rather play with my 12 year-old little brother, who’s a center, at point guard rather than to experience the atrocity of D-Rose at point guard. Is this hyperbole? You bet. But still, Rose just makes his whole team miserable. Yes, I know he’s with the Knicks, who specialize in team misery. But why would anyone want to play with an overrated, overhyped, past-his-prime, mean-spirited, selfish, and lazy point guard who still gets fan love regardless. His shooting makes me want to schedule an eye doctor appointment for him. He even completely left a game for no reason at all this year, and no one remembers. He just left!
Bottom Line – I really don’t like Rose.


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    I think Hardens ball movement, and ability to get big men as your self open would be extremely nice to play with it, but then again his defense is definitely frustrating.

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