Reaction and Response to the 2017 NBA Finals

If you go back to my season preview, I predicted Warriors-Spurs, Celtics-Cavs conference finals, and ultimately picked Warriors over the Cavs in 5 for my Finals pick. I know, I’m a genius. In all seriousness, this was one of the most predictable NBA Playoffs in league history and definitely in recent memory. But you know what …. that’s okay. I’m okay with predictable as long as it’s predictably great. I love watching great basketball. You can’t tell me that it wasn’t fascinating watching the Warriors ascend to a new level basketball greatness that we haven’t seen in years. Or watching Durant possibly seize the torch from LeBron as our new alpha dog of the NBA (more on that later). And if you still want to complain about it, just don’t watch it. The players will make their money. True fans still love it. We should appreciate the greatness of the game of basketball no matter what.

Now, I would’ve written during these finals especially after game 3, but I had exams so I was a little busy. I took away a lot of things from these Finals, and I think were headed for an action packed summer full of KD’s greatness debates, the Big 3’s future in Cleveland, free agent moves from CP3, Hayward, Millsap, Lowry, and more, and an NBA draft that’s the most potential talent since the 2011 draft. Just more reasons to love the NBA.

  1. How great is Kevin Durant? – 35.2 ppg, 8.4 rpg, and 5.4 apg. Blocks and that 7 foot 6 wingspan all around. A game winner in game 3. Closing out game 5 with a spectacle of 3s and tough turnarounds in the 4th quarter. You can love him or hate him, but the Slim Reaper, Durantula, KD: he’s here. I truly believe he has taken the torch from LeBron as our best player in the world. The proof is this: on the absolute biggest stage, Durant was on another level from 6 other superstars. My list on the best players in the league as of this very moment goes like this:                                       1. Kevin Durant
  2. LeBron James
  3. Steph Curry
  4. Kawhi Leonard
  5. Russell Westbrook
  6. James Harden
  7. Anthony Davis
  8. Giannis Antetokounmpo
  9. John Wall
  10. Kyrie Irving/Klay Thompson (I can’t decide)                                                                              And others such as Draymond, PG13, CP3, KAT, Jimmy Butler, Isaiah Thomas and others following behind. Now I might end up completely wrong. LeBron could reclaim his throne. Curry could explode again like he did in 2016. Maybe Kawhi surprises us all. Maybe Westbrook’s stats finally convince me otherwise (highly unlikely, but still). Maybe the Greek Freak puts it all together next year and gets a surprise MVP. Maybe AD and Boogie works out and the Brow takes over like we thought he would 2 years ago. We never know. But I’m talking about this very moment. And right now, Kevin Durant is our king of the NBA.                                                                                                                                                                                                              This was just the first thing I’m writing this summer in order to get me started. I hope to have my full mock draft up in a few days, and soon after I’ll have I’ll my predictions for free agent signings and off-season trades, including a whole LeBron play out. I might even post some interesting what-if scenarios and what I think happens. Stay tuned.