Paul George to Thunder Emergency Reaction

Okay, okay, I know I said that I wouldn’t have Wi-Fi for a week, but that starts tomorrow, and I wasn’t sure if the hotel I’m staying in right now would have internet connection. Well it does, and it’s good, but still, I’d be too tired, and the huge moves wouldn’t happen in the first 7 hours right? Well, I should’ve known better. CP3, Jimmy Butler, and Markelle Fultz already showed me that the league has gone full on Ron Artest-crazy during this off-season. I’m literally scrolling through sports sites in hopes of free agency news before midnight, and I briefly glance up at ESPN to see a Breaking News alert, and it casually scrolls across the screen as Blake Griffin signs 5 yr/$173M deal with the Clippers, which was big enough news, but then I see that PAUL FREAKING GEORGE HAS BEEN TRADED TO THE THUNDER AND IS TEAMING UP WITH RUSSELL WESTBROOK. What the heck is going on!

First off, I basically wasted my last post because all my predictions are wrong already, showing how it’s stupid to predict this stuff anyways. Man, I’m a nerd. Blake isn’t leaving, Jeff Teague is going to Minnesota, and I didn’t even list OKC as a destination for PG13. (If I can make one last prediction change, after more info, I think Millsap is going to the Suns now.) Okay, that’s all I’ll say about that. Now, the first thing I thought after seeing this trade was,”What did the Pacers get for him? Steven Adams and Enes Kanter? Oladipo and one of the Stache Bros? Was a third team involved? Did the Thunder have to give up a crap-ton of picks?” And then I see: Victor Oladipo and Domanatis Sabonis. What. That’s it. Where were Boston and Cleveland during this? They couldn’t top this? Well, first it must mean that no one really wanted PG13 because they’re that confident he’s headed to LA regardless. I mean, I like Sabonis, and Oladipo is a decent starter, but that’s all you get for a guy who a couple of years ago was considered the best player in the East not named LeBron. I’m just now hearing that the Celtics offered deals with 3 first round picks and 2 starters, but the Pacers still chose OKC’s deal. Now I don’t know if this is actually true, but if it is, then the Pacers front office just scored a 15 out of 10 on the richter scale of stupid. At the very least, the Pacers should have gotten 1 first draft round pick to help with their rebuild. I just don’t know what they were thinking.

Now I’m not a fan of Westbrook or the Thunder, but I love this move on their part! The West is in an all-out Cold War style race in order to compete with the Warriors, as the Rockets, T-Wolves, and Thunder have all pushed their chips into the table. The Thunder just got a guy who plays great defense, is instantly their best shooter at 39.3% from 3, and can carry the load on offense without Westbrook on the court. And even though this team still has no shot to beat Golden State, is pretty much even with Houston, and just a tiny sliver behind San Antonio, I still love the move, even if George leaves for LA after one year. You need to inspire hope in your fans, sell tickets, create hype. This move instantly makes the Thunder a lot better, and even if George leaves, what did they give up for him that really matters? Two role players? And who knows, maybe George falls in love with OKC, unlikely but still, and decides to stay. Now you create an exciting team that’ll be consistently in the 2nd round at least. Maybe they just need one bad Warriors series combined with a monster series from their two stars in order to shock us all and make the finals.

My last thought is poor Western Conference All Stars. We could potentially have all the 12 spots relegated by players from only 5 teams! And we still don’t have all our free agent moves down! Hopefully, Hayward moves East to balance things out. I feel bad for so many guys. Young studs Jokic, Booker, and Towns will probably be exempt from the all star game because of all the developed, perennial all stars. Blake and DeAndre probably won’t make it back anymore for sure. There’s no chance that Aldridge gets back at this rate. And worst of all, Mike Conley, who’s probably at least a 3 time all star in the East by this point, will have even more competition for the spot he’s always coveted. And Damian Lillard! He’s been snubbed two years in a row now, when he’d probably be a top 5 player outside of the West. At the end here, I’ll list the 12 best players in the West/12 most likely all stars off the top of my head just to give perspective. (not including Hayward because I think he’s going east)

  1. Kevin Durant
  2. Russell Westbrook
  3. Stephen Curry
  4. James Harden
  5. Kawhi Leonard
  6. Paul George
  7. Jimmy Butler
  8. Klay Thompson
  9. Draymond Green
  10. Chris Paul
  11. Anthony Davis
  12. DeMarcus Cousins (cut off) – Now consider all of the following guys would not be all stars
  13. Marc Gasol
  14. Karl-Anthony Towns
  15. Damian Lillard
  16. Blake Griffin
  17. DeAndre Jordan
  18. Devin Booker
  19. Nikola Jokic
  20. Dirk Nowitzki
  21. CJ McCollum
  22. Rudy Gobert
  23. Andrew Wiggins
  24. Mike Conley
  25. LaMarcus Aldridge                                                                                                                         Holy crap!!! Those guys are pretty great! I’m pretty sure I’d take at least all but 2 of those guys over Kevin Love and Kemba Walker, y’know the 9th and 10th best players in the East!!! On the bright side, it clears up space for my Sixers’ FEDS to get those all star spots. But seriously, the NBA is amazing and I’m just excited for what’s next.

One thought on “Paul George to Thunder Emergency Reaction

  1. Great Post! I do think that with Paul George being traded, the Pacers now are going to get a top 10 pick in next years draft. I think it sets them up for a perfect rebuild. Remember Nerlens Noel got traded for Jrue Holiday? Jrue Holiday is an awesome player the 76ers could of had however they traded him for an unproven injured player. Remember Noel tore his ACL when playing for Kentucky.

    Years later, in fact this season they ended up trading Nerlens Noel for Andrew Bogut. Therefore, this trade means they basically traded Holiday for nothing. Now look where the 76ers are after years of rebuilding. Overall this trade is not good when you look at the deal for the Pacers, however instead of being the 8th seed and going nowhere, they are going to possibly get a top 10, maybe even top 5 pick.

    That is why I think it is a good move for the Pacers!


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