NBA Everyday Mailbag Announcement

So this post isn’t about anything in the NBA in particular. Rather, it’s about my blog and something new that I want all my followers to be aware of. First things first, this is NOT an original idea. All the credit goes to my favorite sports writer and the one who inspired me to get more involved in learning about the NBA, Bill Simmons, who is currently the CEO of Simmons has what he calls a “mailbag.” He has his readers e-mail him all their questions and ideas about the NBA and other things he likes, and he then discusses his opinions and thoughts via his podcast and then sometimes through written articles. Since I don’t have a podcast (but am still thinking of getting one in the future) I’m going to stick to writing up my answers in my blog for you guys to read. The questions can range from funny to critical to conspiracy. All as long as they have to do with the great NBA itself. So, starting now, I’ll give you guys my e-mail so that you can give me all your great questions, and I’ll answer them as often as I can, depending on how many questions I receive. My email:

So remember, send an email to with your NBA questions, and as long as they’re legit, I’ll answer them and put in as much effort as I can into my post about them.  Thank you!

One last thing, I have now created an instagram for my blog, which is named (as you would guess) @nbaeverydaysite                        I haven’t posted anything on it yet, but I will start soon, and I suggest you all follow it for more great NBA content.