First Ever nbaeveryday Mailbag

Here it is, my first response to all questions from my readers about the NBA. And for the future, I would simply encourage more hypothetical questions as they’re the fun ones that require a lot of research. So here we go.

  1. Who wins between the 2015 Sixers (10-72) and the Scarlet and Grey team in the 2 million dollar basketball tournament?  I would take the Scarlet and Grey 4 to 2 in a seven game series. (From: my Dad)

Sixers Roster:

Ish Smith

Hollis Thompson

Jerami Grant

Nerlens Noel

Jahlil Okafor

Robert Covington

Jakarr Sampson

TJ McConnell

Isaiah Caanan

Tony Wroten 

Richaun Holmes

Christian Wood

Nik Stauskas

Carl Landry

Kendall Marshall

Scarlet and Gray:

Willie Buford

Aaron Craft

Jared Sullinger

Dallas Lauderdale

David Lighty

Jon Diebler

Nate Miller

Leon Rodgers

Evan Ravenell



First off, I’m a Sixers fan and a die-hard Ohio State fan, especially for their football team. Quick briefing on that sports lineage: My whole family is from Ohio, where you have to be Buckeye fans, so being with them, I quickly fell in love with Ohio State football while watching it at a young age, so that’s that. Even though my relatives are from Ohio, my family currently lives in Philly. Growing up here, my other fans liked pro sports more, so I decided to root for the Philly pro teams rather than those of Ohio. So that’s it. I like Ohio State and the Sixers. Now when you first see this question, I bet you laugh to think that a team of NBA players could possibly lose to washed up alumni of what’s considered a football school. But then you remember, the Sixers wanted to tank so bad that they weren’t signing real NBA players. I mean look at at that list. Covington is far and away the best player there and he’s a fifth starter in his true role. Holmes has recently proved to be a good backup, but he struggled at first. We all know that Nerlens and Jahlil have their problems. Landry and Marshall are too washed up and too slow to play at a YMCA league. Isaiah Caanan (the human brick machine) might be the worst NBA player ever to start over 5 games. I love TJ, but he should not be a team’s best point guard. Wroten was slightly talented, but selfish. Stauskas still sucks. Sampson was just flat out bad. Ditto for Hollis Thompson. Jerami Grant was struggling as a rookie in the worst situation possible. Ish Smith had a great year, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s 5’10” and shoots 39%. And I don’t even remember who Christian Wood was. And that list is excluding even more cringe-worthy names for Sixers fans such as Alexi Schved and Furkan Aldemir. After all that, I’ve decided to breakdown the matchup by each position.

Point Guards: TJ McConnell, Ish Smith, Kendall Marshall, Isaiah Caanan vs Aaron Craft

At first, you’d think the extra point guards for the Sixers would be an advantage, but all Caanan and Marshall make every team around 10 points worse just by stepping on the court. Craft had a storied Buckeye career and will go down as one of the greatest defensive guards in NCAA history, and he even had an impressive D League season with the Santa Cruz Warriors in which they took home the title the same year as the actual Dubs. However, his bad shooting and slightly below average handles have led to him not making it in the league. As my readers know, TJ has become one of my favorite NBA players, partially because he’s the spitting image of Aaron Craft, my favorite college player. They’re unathletic, short, white guards who can’t shoot or dribble that great, but make up for it with phenomenal defense, passing, leadership, and heart. The tipping point is Ish Smith, who possesses superior athleticism and was the Sixers’ best player for this year. I’ll take the Sixers hodge podge. Edge: Sixers

Shooting Guards: Nik Stauskas, Tony Wroten, Hollis Thompson vs Jon Diebler, William Buford

Stauskas is my one of my least favorite players. He sucks at defense, but he supposedly can shoot, even though every time I personally watch him he always seems to miss. Wroten had some talent and athleticism, but he for some reason thought he was far superior to all his teammates and went into absolute gunner mode. And Thompson has somehow hung around the league despite being the most forgettable NBA player ever that started over 20 games. Diebler and Buford both play in Turkey and have always been lights out shooters, especially Diebs. Diebler is so deadly from 3, that he started 4 years at a high level basketball college team even though he has like a 20 inch vertical, has stone feet, and looks like an accountant. (Btw, I still loved Diebler in his Buckeye days) Buford wasn’t as good of a shooter, but he has solid athleticism and had a ton of clutch moments. I know I’ll get called a homer, but I’d take the Jon and Willie duo. Edge: Ohio State

Small Forwards: Robert Covington, Jerami Grant, Jakarr Sampson vs David Lighty, Nate Miller

The Sixers have a significant advantage here because both Covington and Grant are in the NBA right now, and both have good reputations as plus players. Covington is still with the Sixers and might be a starter alongside the FEDS next year, and he’s established himself as a top tier defender and a streaky shooter. And Grant earned some quality time as an athletic wing for a playoff team in the Thunder. Sampson doesn’t really matter, but he’s not the worst forgettable player. Lighty was a very likeable player while with the Buckeyes, and he is a great guy who does all the little things in order to make the team better. Miller didn’t actually attend Ohio State, but attended Bowling Green in Ohio and is now apart of the Scarlet and Gray squad. I haven’t seen much, but he hasn’t impressed me. I love Lighty and his game, but the talent edge here is greatly tipped. Big Edge: Sixers

Power Forwards: Christian Wood, Carl Landry vs Jared Sullinger, Leon Rodgers

As I said before, I don’t even remember Wood, but guessing that he was in the NBA for only half a year for a 10 win team, I’d guess he’s a down. Landry was a solid player, but he was so washed up by this point that he was only patched along with Stauskas in the salary dump for draft picks. Sully was good enough to play for the Celtics for a while and earned a nice big contract from the Raptors even if he got cut. With his size and shooting ability, he would eat Wood and Landry for breakfast, much like all the other stuff he eats considering his weight issues. I don’t even care about Rodgers. Monster Sully would go to work on these stiffs.   Big Edge: Ohio State

Centers: Richaun Holmes, Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor vs Evan Ravenell, Dallas Lauderdale

You’d think that with the 3 on the left, this would be an easy W for the Sixers, seeing as they’re all established NBA players now, while Ravenell and Lauderdale weren’t even big standouts at Ohio State. But it’s not that simple. I love Holmes now, but at first he struggled mightily for his lack of skills. Nerlens was supposed to be the best guy on a 10 win team, but even that seemed like too big of a burden for him. And don’t even get me started on Jahlil “Slowkafor” or “Chokafor” or “Doesn’t give a crap-kafor”. But in his defense, he got off to a solid 20 game start 2 seasons ago when teams hadn’t figured how to cut him off in the post and then gutter him on defense. For the Buckeyes, what’s interesting is what I recently saw in their last TBT alumni game, in which Ravenell, a solid athlete but never a scorer in his college days, was knocking down step back jumpers and even hit a 3. It’s incredible but he looks so much better than he did when he was 5 years younger. Lauderdale remained the same, as he is a great defender and hustle player that helps hold the team together. I think Okafor’s post offense, along with the athleticism of Holmes and Noel would be too much for the Scarlet and Gray. I’d take the Sixers, even if they don’t exactly have a murderer’s row lined up at center. Edge: Sixers


In conclusion, I think it’s clear that the Sixers have a superior roster as they have at least 7 true NBA players: TJ, Ish Smith, Covington, Jerami Grant, Nerlens, Jahlil, and Richaun Holmes. The Scarlet and Gray can only claim one such NBA player in Jared Sullinger. And yes, I know that they’re are some players not in the NBA that are better than the ones who are, but the scouts have legitimate reasons for why those Scarlet and Gray players aren’t in the league right now. Team chemistry does matter however, and I think the Scarlet and Gray have great teamwork while this Sixers team spent its year figuring out more ways to lose on purpose. It’s close, but I’ll stick with the kind of proven NBA team. Sorry Dad.

76ers win series 4-3


  1. Charles Barkley famously said that the 1991 Sixers uniforms looked like his little girl got loose with a crayon.  How would you rank the Sixers uniforms from best to worst?  Who has the NBA’s best uniform tradition and who has the worst?  (From: nbafreak__23)


To start, all the uniforms, in order, are the Syracuse Nats uniforms (which I count), classic original Sixers team uniforms in the 60s, the two-tone uniforms the Sixers wore during the Wilt Chamberlain days, uniforms from the 70s which have vertical lines going up the sides and were the main difference between the classic 60s, the Sixers’ longest tenured uniform that they wore throughout their awesome runs in the 80s with Dr.J, Moses, Andrew Toney, Mo Cheeks, and even dawned Charles Barkley for a while. Next for the 90s uniforms that were mentioned in the question, and it’s safe to say there a little out there. Their next outfits started with the acquisition of Iverson in which they scaled things back and lost the stars, followed by the black ones with the streak across that are famously remembered as a part of the Iverson era. The final two were the ones in the short Iggy period which look a lot like the 80s rendition but more refined and sharp, and the new “throwbacks” with the circle of stars, of which the Sixers currently wear. That leaves us with 9 total uniforms, so now here’s my rankings from worst to best including a picture of each one. ( Sorry, I tried to upload pictures but something went wrong, so here’s a link to most of them, including the pictures I used for the most part, )

  1. 1990s colorful uniforms

I agree with Chuck. I don’t see how any man could justify wearing this in public. I’d only like it as a one night a year, dorky throwback jersey. But no way should this have been put on a court for extended stretches of times. The 90s took this bullet for us.


  1. “Wilt Era” Two Tone Uniforms

I don’t hate these unis as much, but the stripe at the bottom really bothers me, as well as the number being over the PHILA name. It all just looks out of place, so I’ll stick it here. However, I could also stand one throwback night with these each year.

  1. First Sixers edition in the 60s

Nothing really wrong with the uniforms. But nothing really right either. The uniforms are just your plain, classy uniforms that look nice on court. I put it at 8th, but you can still be a respectable franchise while rolling out these babies each night.

  1. Sixers 2009-2015 Uniforms

Now I do really like these uniforms, especially since these were the ones they wore when I started watching them a lot. But looking back on the other unis, they simply have more creativity and swagger. And while I displayed the home whites here, the red away jerseys don’t look as nice. But still personally, these uniforms are better than the average NBA threads.

  1. Mid 70s Uniforms with the “Art Deco”

I like the lines up the sides with the stars, and I love the font of Sixers written on top. Unfortunately, these were worn during the early 70s in which the Sixers lost more game than any era except the recent Process. Uniforms that bring bad mojo can’t be in the top 5, I’m sorry.

  1. Syracuse Nats Uniforms

I always think the Nats are an underrated lost franchise. In the 50s they were a solid team and they won a title in ‘55 behind the great Dolph Schayes before they morphed into the 76ers. Not only that, but their owner, Danny Biasone, invented the 24 second shot clock and virtually saved the NBA at the time. So for all the deep heritage, deep red colors, and awesome cursive writing, I like these NBA originals.

  1. 1996 Iverson Debut Uniforms

The Sixers font on this one looks even cooler, and I think Iverson himself make the jersey look 1,000 times better, AI just works well with jerseys. And the red outline down the side simply tops it all off.

  1. Current Uniforms

I loved it when the Sixers made the change to these, and the throwback to the stars down the sides is great. And like Iverson making his jerseys work, these uniforms work perfectly with Embiid, “The Process” himself. I don’t have much of an explanation, but these uniforms are simply nice to look at.

  1. 1980s Uniforms

Just like I said bad mojo counts, so does a streak of goodness. Not only that, but they lasted the longest as well. In terms of design, I like the simplicity and how smooth they are all together. Simply said, wins make’em look better.

  1. Iverson Era/Early 2000s Uniforms

Any NBA jersey enthusiast would’ve seen this coming, as these uniforms are up there for the greatest of all time, especially the blacks. Iverson rocked this so well that kids and teenage fans alike could not resist dressing up and pretending that they’re him. The streak across the middle and the star to dot the i makes it all flow. And the black uniform combined with Iverson’s style made a great feel for street ball, very popular among fans. All in all, these are straight fire.


  1. Who do you think should have won Summer league MVP? (From fourfootnuttin, fellow NBA blog that I recommend) 

To be honest, I’ve never really watched the summer league before this year. Usually the games are boring and the rookies are overwhelmed. But this year just had a completely different vibe, mainly due to Lonzo Ball. The hype and controversy around him was so high that every time the summer Lake-Show stepped on court it became must see tv. So in that respect, Lonzo was the most valuable to the NBA as he propelled an annual ratings dud and time filler into a major focal point for all sports news. So overall, I’m fine with Lonzo winning the award with my only complaint being that he missed 2 games, including the chip. I probably would’ve chosen Bryn Forbes for the Spurs, who averaged 26 a game, played great defense, led the Spurs deep in the “playoffs”, and probably secured a spot on a deep Spurs roster..

  1. Who do you think will win the Finals next year (considering they keep Kyrie)? (From fourfootnuttin)

Warriors over Cavs in 5, if Kyrie leaves, Warriors sweep whoever they play. I know it’s a boring answer but the Warriors can only be better as they now have a year in experience playing together, kept most of their roster, added 2 quality players in Swaggy P and Cassipi, and stole a great draft pick in Jordan Bell. Meanwhile, their rivals, the Cavs, are on the brink of catastrophe.

  1. If you said Warriors, what if the Cavs get Derrick Rose? (From fourfootnuttin)

Well, what a coincidence. But honestly, Derrick Rose will make the Cavs no better in my opinion. He plays like he’s still the same guy he was in 2011. His weak knees have robbed him of his explosiveness which allowed him to dominate despite his bad shooting and selfish style. Now, he is being exposed for his lack of proper fundamentals and desire to play true, committed defense. I stick with Warriors in 4 or 5.

Well, that’s it for now, but I can’t wait for my next mailbag, so keep the questions coming and send more great NBA hypotheticals to me at


3 thoughts on “First Ever nbaeveryday Mailbag

  1. Great Post, Haven’t gotten around to read it for the longest time because I was on vacation. But now on August 16 I have read this post xD. I really do like your answers and how much effort you put in to this blog!

    One point with Derrick Rose, if the Cavs played Rose as a slashing shooting guard(Like Wade), I believe he can put up some fantastic numbers. He also won’t be under injury concerns as he will be playing less minutes. Let’s look at his stats last year for the Knicks. He did average 18 points and 4.4 assists. That is an outstanding point total, and also his assists total will grow being on the Cavaliers.

    Sidenote: I love how I am trying to pursue someone on a long response, and it isn’t even on my blog post xD.

    Anyways, I think Derrick Rose won’t lead the Cavaliers to win the series, but push it to seven games(Considering Kyrie stays.) I think DRose is a lot better then players like J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, Kyle Korver and especially new point guard Jose Calderon. Also, Rose is only 28 years old, while Smith is 31, Korver is 36, and Calderon is 35. Shumpert may be one year younger then Rose, however he is a lot worse then his Cavaliers teammate. This move also lets Cavs star Lebron James rest more, knowing off the bench at small forward they have Kyle Korver, Cedi Osman, Richard Jefferson, and you might even be able add Jeff Green to that list. In the playoffs, this move can allow James to rest earlier series before the Finals, meaning that he will be totally rested when they play the Golden State Warriors. Therefore they probably won’t win, however they can push it to 7 games.

    Fantastic post, keep up the great work on your mailbag and your other posts. Good luck in the future, and I will make sure to stay in touch with you. If you ever need anything, feel free to comment on my blog or email me. Here is a question for your next mailbag, who would win in a 7 game series, the Warriors or the Cavaliers? Once again, great post and let me know your opinion on my counter!

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