College Football Spin-off: nbaeveryday Top 25 Post-Week 1

I know that this post contrasts the very name of my site, as it would imply that I only post about the NBA. But with the NBA in dead-mode right now, and school starting up for myself, it’s hard to think of new basketball topics to write about. So, I decided to write about my second favorite league/sport: college football. I just love it, and as explained in previous posts, my Ohio State Buckeyes take 1st place priority in all sports for me, even over my beloved Sixers. So, I’ve decided to do a weekly post after the Saturday games where I put down what I think/predict the rankings should be for next week, give brief thoughts about the biggest games, and predict the outcomes of next week’s top showdowns.

Top 25 Rankings:

  1. Alabama 1-0
  2. Ohio St. 1-0
  3. Clemson 1-0
  4. Penn St. 1-0
  5. USC 1-0
  6. Oklahoma 1-0
  7. Oklahoma St. 1-0
  8. Michigan 1-0
  9. Washington 1-0
  10. Wisconsin 1-0
  11. LSU 1-0
  12. Florida St. 0-1
  13. Auburn 1-0
  14. Stanford 1-0
  15. Georgia 1-0
  16. Virginia Tech 1-0
  17. Miami 1-0
  18. Louisville 1-0
  19. Kansas St. 1-0
  20. Washington St. 1-0
  21. Tennessee 1-0
  22. South Florida 2-0
  23. Maryland 1-0
  24. Florida 0-1
  25. West Virginia 0-1Review:This year’s grand kickoff was not as hyped up or frankly as entertaining as last year’s, but it was by no means bad. There were thrilling games, a couple of stunning upsets, breakout stars, key injuries, and powerful teams surviving but also being exposed by supposedly easy opponents.

    The super-anticipated game of FSU vs Bama turned out to be a repeat of the usual: Alabama slowly wearing down a team and creating a slightly boring game. And this is coming from a professed Bama hater, but it’s true. All I have to say is that that game should have been 10-10 halfway through the 4rth instead of 21-7, but 2 blocked kicks and a fumble on a kickoff all swung the Tide’s way and created a 14 point swing. The Noles simply lost their cool and compiled each of their mistakes until all their efforts were futile. And of course the capper was losing star QB Francois late in the game, which basically ends their title hopes and disappoints their fans and guys who picked them to make the playoffs (i.e. me).

    I’ll be brief with my Buckeyes, but it was honestly what I expected. A sluggish start followed by the gradual overwhelming of the Hoosiers by our superior athleticism. JT struggled to throw again, a thing that all of Buckeye nation has been whispering about for 3 years now, and he’ll have to improve for them to be title contenders. I was impressed by IU’s QB, Richard Lagow, who I’d right now have as a sleeper pick as an NFL team on my draft board. The best thing was the breakout of true frosh running back JK Dobbins, who backed up his great camp reports with great play. I only hope they continue to start him.

    I was high on Texas as I love former Ohio St. OC and now Texas coach Tom Herman, but that was unbelievable. A home loss … to MARYLAND??? It’s hard for me to respect anyone who loses to the Terps after going to their game against the Buckeyes last year, only for my boys to win 62-3. It might be a longer rebuild than expected, and I guarantee that Maryland will ride the hype to a way too early top 25 ranking.

    Virginia Tech and West Virginia was a great game in which both teams played relatively well, but the scoring simply balanced out to favor the Hokes in the end. I love coach Justin Fuente for Tech and I think he allows for them to be a playoff darkhorse, as looking at their schedule I’d predict an 11-1 season so far.

    Not commenting on the Team up North defeating Florida as I refuse to compliment them, but all I have to say is that Florida’s offense is still a disaster, they’ll ride through the weak SEC East to around 10 or 9 wins, and then get housed by Florida St., Alabama in the SEC Championship, and some bowl team to end the season.

    And how about that UCLA and Texas A&M game!!! That was something cerebral as I can honestly say that not even the Superbowl had that much momentum change. I’d advise people to not join the Rosen hype train, as he was putrid for 3 quarters, and on 2 of his comeback touchdowns he made horrible passes but was bailed out by A&M blunders and a great play by his receiver. As for the Aggies, Coach Sumlin should start to pack his bags. Least mentally tough team I’ve ever witnessed.

    To finish up, Tennessee snatched a victory from Georgia Tech in 2 OT, 42-41. Upsetting for someone who dislike Tennessee and feels horrible for a Georgia Tech team that deserved to win and thoroughly outplayed Tennessee, but lost due to turnovers and lucky breaks for the Vols.I especially feel bad for the Tech quarterback, TaQuon Marshall, who put on a show with over 200 yds and 5 TD on the ground in the deadly triple option attack. I still project the Yellow Jackets to have another solid year under Paul Johnson.


    My Heisman Race Top 5:

    1. Saquon Barkley, RB Penn St. – 14 carries, 172 yds, 12.3 avg, 2 TD
    2. Josh Rosen, QB UCLA – 35-59, 491 yds, 4 TD, 151.7 QBR
    3. Baker Mayfield, QB Oklahoma – 19-20, 329 yds, 3 TD, 282.7 QBR
    4. JK Dobbins, RB Ohio St. – 29 carries, 182 yds, 6.2 avg
    5. TaQuon Marshall, QB Georgia Tech – 44 carries, 249 yds, 5.7 avg, 5 TD, Passing – 5-9, 120 yds, 167.6 QBR

    Interesting Observation:

    Jalen Hurts and JT Barett, the quarterback of the top 2 teams in America. Also, they are 2 of the worst passers in America and rely on their ability to run and athleticism. I’ve watched these 2 so much, and they similarly cannot make tough passes and limit their team’s offenses by not being able to throw downfield. Also, the only reason neither gets benched is because their coaches love their leadership abilities, so if Ohio St. and Alabama meet in the playoff, be prepared for a 10-7 game with a whole lot of running and incomplete passes.

    Game Picks:

    #6 Oklahoma at #2 Ohio St – Ohio St. 45-38, Buckeyes win tough shootout at home as they outmuscle the Sooner front lines and run for a whole bunch of yards.

    #15 Georgia at Notre Dame – Notre Dame 24-21, The revamped Irish defeated the Bulldogs at home due to Georgia needing to start second stringer QB Fromm.

    #12 Auburn at #3 Clemson – Clemson 34-21, Underachieving Auburn gets handled by a youthful, but talented Clemson team in Death Valley.

    Pitt at #4 Penn St. – Penn St. 52-35, As much as I hate PSU and think they’re overrated, they’re firepower offense pulls away from Pitt late in the game.

    #14 Stanford at #5 USC – Stanford 30-28, I picked Stanford as my official sleeper to make the playoffs, and I think USC plays very poorly with high expectations. Cardinal shock the Trojans in LA.