Carmelo Anthony, PG13, Russell Westbrook, and the Genius of Sam Presti

Unbelievable. This off-season is just too much to handle. Literally. I have a ton of homework and I’m briefly putting it off in order to write this. I was planning  to go on a hiatus until the season starts and I have to start writing again. But no, Presti had to outsmart another GM. He must be the smoothest talker ever. I personally want him to write my college applications for me. But seriously, it’s unfortunate that the one bad move he made really backfired: the James Harden trade. Other than that, everything he’s done has been miraculous for the NBA’s youngest basketball city. Both of these trades have been absolute swindles that have provided medium-risk , high-reward scenarios. I don’t even like Melo, but if all you had to give up was two of the worst defenders in the league (McDermott literally ranked 411th out of 411 in defensive metrics last year) and a seemingly worthless picks, than I’d say you made out pretty well.

Personally, what I like most is the height of their new potential starting lineup. Westbrook is 6’4″, PG at the 2 is 6’8″, Melo is around 6’9″, Patrick Patterson is 6’10”, and the big New Zealander Steven Adams is a menacing 7’1″ muscle machine. I just don’t know how anyone can rebound with them.

For now, I predict the West seeds to finish as Warriors at 1, Rockets at 2, Thunder at 3, Spurs at 4, and T-Wolves at 5. I’ll deliberate about why I’ve dropped the Spurs later on. But this move essentially bumped OKC up 2 spots for me. I still think they’ll have some regular season problems, allowing the Rockets to finish above them, but come playoff time, what matters is top of the line talent. I think OKC has an advantage in that category on every team except GSW. I’m calling for them to make the WCF and give the Dubs a tough series.

As for Melo, I’m still not a fan of his game, and he’s definitely not an all star in the West, but anything is better than the Knicks’ situation, and hopefully he’ll put in more effort while finally being surrounded by talented players. I’ll predict just under 20 points a game, about 5 or 6 rebounds, but a vastly increased overall and especially 3 point shooting percentage. I’ll also officially declare that Westbrook will not win MVP again due to the increase of scorers around him, and probably a now more conservative approach to his game. I’ll elaborate my MVP favorites in my upcoming season preview.

Before I leave, I’ll say this about the other team, the Knicks. This deal was horrible just horrible from a basketball perspective. But purely for fun, I kind of like it. Dougie McBuckets in the big apple sound awesome and I’m sure Knick fans will grow to love the great mustache of Kanter. And from reports we’ve heard, there weren’t any great offers for Melo. Of course, that situation was the Knicks’ fault in the first place, but hey what are you gonna do?

Everyone get excited. We’re approaching the fulfillment of the most promising NBA off-season we’ve ever seen.



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