Gordon Hayward-Updated Predictions

5 minutes and 11 seconds. That’s how much we saw of the G-man before that horrifying, gruesome injury. All I have to say is that we should all be praying for him, that was just awful. I’ll miss you Hayward, an inspiration to white ballers everywhere. Now, as unfortunate as that is, I’m gonna give you guys my thoughts on how the season will now go with one of the top teams losing its second best player.

Replacement Eastern All-Star: Kyle Lowry or Hasaan Whiteside

Lowry is more likely to be an all-star because of his popularity and previous appearances, but Whiteside might be picked because he’s a “forward” like Hayward, who they need to replace. This is less important as either way the East has lost one of its few marquis players.

Celtics Record: 45-37

By last year’s stats, Hayward added 9.45 wins to his team. Now, I’m not going to drop my prediction for Boston from 50 to 41, but I do think they’ll have to go down a little. I’d say they’re around a 45 win team, good enough for 4rth or 5th in the East, with the Wizards now being the Cavs’ biggest threat.

Kyrie’s MVP Chances? Up

Without another significant all-star on the team (sorry Horford), if Kyrie somehow leads the Celtics to a 50 win season and top seed contention while putting on a show all season, I think he’d be the feel good MVP that Westbrook was last year.

Other Notes:

  • Jaylen Brown could be an all-star as soon as this year. He looks super aggressive and confident.
  • Jayson Tatum has a good chance at ROTY if he has to take Hayward’s minutes.
  • Marcus Smart is still REALLY bad at offense. Like, it’s cringe-worthy.
  • LeBron won’t win MVP. He’s still the best player on the planet, but just like the Cavs in the 2nd half, he won’t exert himself too much.
  • Jae Crowder will be instantly beloved in all of The Land.
  • Ty Lue still doesn’t know how to properly coach a team. Just relying on pure talent.

P.S. – Watching the Warriors, they’ve scored 22 points in less time than Hayward was on the court. Now THAT is scary!