The Re-Birth of my NBA Blog

I know that this blog has been pretty much dead for the last seven months. I mean, I just was able to check back in on it because I finally remembered my password. For those of you that don’t know what I’ve been doing, here’s the story.

Around March last year, I was contacted by a sports website called, who asked me if I would like to submit NBA articles to them. Considering that they were a real, credible sports site with an actual following, I was more then happy to contribute. Ever since April I have produced several NBA articles for them, and I plan to continue to give them pieces as I enjoy the notification and audience they provide for They never said that I couldn’t write for my blog, but I figured their own site would be enough, and due to my own laziness, I only submitted my pieces to onsideview and did not think that my own blog would even matter.

As summer rolled around, I took up podcasting and have already put up three different podcasts available on Youtube. And as of earlier this month, I finally picked a name … trust the podcast (please go listen and subscribe if you like my NBA content).

And now here I am on my blog again, this time with a new name (and yes I know my blog and my podcast are both Trust the Process puns, sue me for being a Sixers fan). I didn’t want to keep NBA Everyday because it felt awkward and simply was ironic with my lack of posting. I wanted a catchier and more comical name, which I believe Trust the Blogger gives me. I will post my articles on both this blog and and I’ll even put my podcast on wordpress if I can figure it out, but for now I’ll just leave links to the Youtube channel here on the blog. I want to work with this blog because I truly do want to pursue a career of either sports writing, reporting, coaching, managing, or anything sports related, because I really do love this work and craft. I hope you all appreciate the NBA content that I’m going to produce.

P.S. – Don’t forget to subscribe to this website and to my Youtube channel Trust the Podcast – at the following link