My 2019 NBA Draft Big Board

This may seem redundant to those of you who listened to my 2019 NBA Mock Draft Podcast with Trevor , but I want to make sure you get all the content I have available. I’ve evaluated 60 prospects over many hours of research and determined their strengths and weaknesses, who they remind me of as players, and ultimately how I rank them alongside their peers (Note that I gave more information for the top 20 players than for the bottom 40, that’s simply all I had time for).

  1. Zion Williamson – Duke, Forward/Center

Pro Comparisons: LeBron James, Charles Barkley, Blake Griffin

Measurables: 6’7” Height, 285 lbs, 6’10” Wingspan, Almost 19 years old

My Take: The best prospect since LeBron James. Just read what I wrote about him in March to see how much I love this guy. He is going to be an all-time great, and a revolutionary, point-center in the small ball NBA.

2. Ja Morant – Murray St., Guard

Pro Comparisons: Rajon Rondo, John Wall

Measurables: 6’3” Height, 175 lbs, 6’7” Wingspan, Almost 20 years old

My Take: I’m not as in love with him as everybody else. Yes, he is a freakish athlete who could very well be an all star point guard, but I think he lacks the size and proper shot mechanics to be a league-altering star. I really think he is a lot like Rondo–an incredible playmaker who in the right situation can be an all star.

3. RJ Barret – Duke, Guard/Forward

Pro Comparisons: The Spitting Image of Jalen Rose, Rudy Gay

Measurables: 6’7” Height, 202 lbs, 6’10” Wingspan, 19 years old

My Take: His struggles with three-point shooting, decision making, and his lack of ability to make others better in college is concerning. However, he produced so much in high school that it’s hard to think that he’ll bust. I don’t think he can be the first option on a good team, but I think he can get to the rim with ease and will at the very least be a 20 points per game scorer (And seriously, go watch these highlights of Jalen Rose, I guarantee they play and shoot in the exact same motions).

4. Brandon Clarke – Gonzaga, Forward/Center

Pro Comparisons: Shawn Marion, Switchable and Explosive Clint Capela

Measurables: 6’8” Height, 207 lbs, 6’8” Wingspan, Almost 23 years old

My Take: I am a huge Brandon Clarke fan considering I have him at four when most have him in the 10-20 range. He is the best athlete in the draft not named Zion. He bounces around with such frequency that he blocked more shots this year than he missed shots on offense. He can run and throw down anything, and after shooting horrendously at San Jose St., he changed his form in his transfer year and displayed some good touch and passable free throw shooting at Gonzaga. Anyone who drafts this guy has at the very least a starting, playoff player, and at best, a perennial all star. Only reason I have him ranked below RJ is that he will probably never be able to create off the dribble like RJ one day could.

5. De’Andre Hunter – Virginia, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Harrison Barnes, Taller PJ Tucker, Jae Crowder

Measurables: 6’7” Height, 225 lbs, 7’2” Wingspan, 21.5 years old

My Take: He is the safest pick not named Zion, as I see no possible scenario in which he doesn’t have at least a 15 year NBA career and starts for many years. He has a strong body and good defensive fundamentals, and is a knockdown shooter when open, guaranteeing him a role as a 3 and D player. The knock on him is his lack of upside and slow lateral movement. Those are both true. He’s never going to be an all star, but in a weaker draft like this where you can’t be sure what you’re gonna get, I like knowing that I at least have something in De’Andre Hunter.


6. Darius Garland – Vanderbilt, Guard

Pro Comparisons: Worse Passing Trae Young, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, Jeff Teague

Measurables: 6’2” Height, 175 lbs, 6’5” Wingspan, About 19.5 years old

My Take: From the few highlights we got from him in his five games at Vanderbilt, Darius proved some very important things. He is a deadly shooter and has deep range, he is incredibly shifty and in my opinion the best ball handler in this draft, and he seems to make his team better considering Vandy went winless in the SEC without him. On the negative side, he is a small guard who will struggle on defense and his passing and playmaking leave a lot to be desired. However, there is no greater skill in the NBA than shooting threes off the dribble, and Darius is better at that than anyone in this draft. That alone makes him worth a risk.

7. Cam Reddish – Duke, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Depressed Paul George, Jeff Green

Measurables: 6’8” Height, 208 lbs, 7’1” Wingspan, Almost 20 years old

My Take: A typical high risk, high reward prospect, Reddish possesses every physical tool that anyone could ever ask for, yet he was often disengaged, took horrible shots, and disappeared in several big games (Jeff Green couldn’t have been more proud). At first I thought I would rank him outside of the top 10, as I usually hate high talent, low motor guys, but after watching some more of his tape and some of his untapped shooting ability, I had to rank him higher. Still, he’s a risk to say the least.

8. Jarrett Culver – Texas Tech, Guard

Pro Comparisons: Worse Shooting DeMar DeRozan, Caris LeVert, Evan Turner

Measurables: 6’6” Height, 194 lbs, 6’9” Wingspan, 20 years old

My Take: He never looked very good when I watched him live, especially in the NCAA Championship. He has smooth, fluid dribbling ability for his size and is a good playmaker, but his shot is clunky and unreliable. I usually can’t buy in to prospects who aren’t dynamic athletes or great shooters, so I am ultimately pretty low on him. Still, he’s a solid defender who will at least not be an abject disaster.

9. Sekou Doumbouya – France, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Less Fluid Pascal Siakam, Taller Frank Ntilikina

Measurables: 6’9” Height, 230 lbs, 6’11” Wingspan, 18.5 years old

My Take: I was very down on Sekou after I first watched his tape, but after a closer look, I saw what scouts were talking about in terms of his untapped potential. He has great north-to-south speed on the court and should be great in transition offense. He’ll struggle in half court as he can’t create off the dribble and his shot is iffy. However, he does get great arc on his shot, which is often a sign that it can be improved upon.

10. Matisse Thybulle – Washington, Guard/Forward

Pro Comparisons: Jaylen Brown, An Incredibly Poor Man’s Scottie Pippen

Measurables: 6’5” Height, 205 lbs, 7’0” Wingspan, 22 years old

My Take: I love Matisse. He is a freakish athlete who blocked almost 20 three pointers in college last year and per 40 minute numbers of 4.5 blocks and 2.8 steals per game, and I can guarantee that he is the best defender in this class, even if his college defense was a zone scheme. His offense gets knocked a lot, but he actually shot decently from three during his four years at Washington and, like Sekou, gets great arc on his shot. This guy is awesome.

11. Coby White – North Carolina, Guard

Pro Comparisons: Colin Sexton, De’Aaron Fox

Measurables: 6’5” Height,191 lbs, 6’5” Wingspan, 19 years old

My Take: Another guy who I doubt because he disappointed in the games I watched. He speed and size are tantalizing, but a lead guard who can’t shoot off the dribble all too well in the NBA is problematic. I don’t hate him, but I also think that taking him at the seventh pick where many have him slotted would be a mistake.

12. Goga Bitadze – Mega Bemax, Center

Pro Comparisons: Jusuf Nurkic, Chris Kaman

Measurables: 6’11” Height, 250 lbs, 7’2” Wingspan, Almost 20 years old

My Take: Goga tries incredibly hard, is bright and covers very well on defense, and he has good shooting and passing skills. Those are the three basic check marks that a center needs to hit to survive the modern NBA, and it’s exactly why I’m so high on Goga’s potential.

13. PJ Washington – Kentucky, Forward/Center

Pro Comparisons: Athletic Domantas Sabonis, Mike Scott, Taj Gibson

Measurables: 6’8” Height, 230 lbs, 7’2” Wingspan, 20 years old

My Take: He has an NBA body to survive on defense, he punished smaller defenders with simple but effective shots, and his jump shooting improved in his second year at Kentucky. I think he’s a very safe pick who would be great for teams like the T-Wolves or the Heat.

14. Cameron Johnson – North Carolina, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Better Shooting Justin Jackson, Athletic Steve Novak

Measurables: 6’9” Height, 205 lbs, 6’10” Wingspan, 23 years old

My Take: I’m afraid to gush about how much I love him because I’ve envisioned him going to the Sixers at 24 for the last month. A 46% three-point shooter with height and an intelligent, unselfish mindset? It’s a match made in heaven.

15. Carsen Edwards – Purdue, Guard

Pro Comparisons: Darren Collison, A Smidge of Steph Curry

Measurables: 6’0” Height, 199 lbs, 6’6” Wingspan, 21 years old

My Take: I don’t care about his red flags, that he isn’t a great passer and can’t defend effectively at his size. He is the best shot maker in the draft and lit up the best defense in college basketball for 42 points on the biggest stage imaginable. Don’t overthink it. He is a great player even if he doesn’t look like the typical NBA star.

16. Nassir Little – North Carolina, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Stanley Johnson, Not As Intelligent Andre Igoudala

Measurables: 6’6” Height, 224 lbs, 7’1” Wingspan, 19 years old

My Take: Another high risk, high reward guy. The physical tools are there and then some, but I probably wouldn’t take him considering the lack of skills I’ve seen.

17. Ty Jerome – Virginia, Guard

Pro Comparisons: Unathletic Klay Thompson, Malcolm Brogdon

Measurables: 6’6” Height, 194 lbs, 6’5” Wingspan, 21 years old

My Take: He embodies everything I love about basketball. He plays at his pace, he makes unbelievable passes, he shoots a pure, properly aligned shots, and will shoot from deep when open. He is going to be a really good NBA player and teams will rue passing on him for busts like Kevin Porter. You can quote me on that one.

18. Rui Hachimura – Gonzaga, Forward

Pro Comparisons: The Morris Twins, Unpolished Karl-Anthony Towns

Measurables: 6’8” Height, 230 lbs, 7’2” Wingspan, 21 years old

My Take: Even if he doesn’t fit an ideal role in the NBA, I really loved watching him at Gonzaga. He’s a great eye test guy who just always seems to play well. Shocking development, guys who look like they’re good at basketball usually are. I think he’ll be solid and safe.

19. Jaxson Hayes – Texas, Center

Pro Comparisons: Jarrett Allen, Clint Capela

Measurables: 6’11” Height, 219 lbs, 7’3” Wingspan, 19 years old

My Take: I had him ranked higher before I realized he never took a single three in college and  does nothing to create his own shot. He’s entirely dependent on whoever is throwing him lobs as all he can do is dunk. His upside in the modern NBA is next to none, but he’ll always be able to hang around as a rim-running, bouncy big man.

20. Nicolas Claxton – Georgia, Center

Pro Comparisons: Mason Plumlee, Poor Man’s Al Horford, Competent Richaun Holmes

Measurables: 7’0” Height, 217 lbs, 7’3” Wingspan, 20 years old

My Take: A huge riser in the draft who played well at the combine and has drawn interest due to the fact that he was somehow the “point guard” of Georgia’s offense and has some impressive playmaking. I like him, but I can’t go all on him because his shot simply isn’t reliable enough.

21. Chuma Okeke – Auburn, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Kevin Love, Robert Covington

Brief Take: He was an absolute beast every time I watched Auburn and he almost never misses. Even if he tore his ACL, I think he can recover and be a perfect pick and pop guy in the NBA.

22. Nickeil Alexander-Walker – Virginia Tech, Guard

Pro Comparisons: Less Shifty Shai-Gilgeous Alexander

Brief Take: If you listened to the pod, you know that I couldn’t get a great read on Nickeil. He doesn’t have any glaring weakness or strength. Solid player that doesn’t thrill me.

23. Zach Norvell Jr. – Gonzaga, Guard

Pro Comparisons: Lefty Eric Gordon

Brief Take: This dude will be a dynamo on offense. He can make threes from anywhere and smooth lefty’s are always a joy to watch. Plus, I saw him eviscerate both my own Buckeyes and the Duke Blue Devils, so take that for what it’s worth. Super high on him.

24. Isaiah Roby – Nebraska, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Kyle Kuzma, Thad Young

Brief Take: A forward with length who moves with ease and almost no hitch, a great sign that he can create off the dribble. Forwards that create off the dribble are the best players in the NBA. I’m not claiming Roby will be one of those, but I just think that it should be noted.

25. Bol Bol – Oregon, Center

Pro Comparisons: Somehow Slower Mo Bamba, Rudy Gobert on His Deathbed

Brief Take: I know a lot of YouTubers that love views and making poorly thought out hot takes love Bol, but I hate him as a prospect. He can’t defend anyone in a pick and roll as he moves in fashion that is painful to watch. I would not draft him.

26. Romeo Langford – Indiana, Guard

Pro Comparisons: Emmanuel Mudiay, Reggie Jackson

Brief Take: A point guard who shoots horribly, loves to isolate, doesn’t make anyone better, and was a historically bad defender despite his incredible athletic ability, what could go wrong?

27. Zylan Cheatham – Arizona St., Forward

Pro Comparisons: Pascal Siakam, Alfonzo McKinnie

Brief Take: I might have him a little too high, but I loved the way he was moving when I watched him. Big guys who try hard are usually the ones that succeed.

28. Luguentz Dort – Arizona St., Guard

Pro Comparisons: Poor Shooting Donovan Mitchell, Kris Dunn, Dennis Smith Jr.

Brief Take: A lot of upside and he can’t get to the rim whenever he wants, which can’t be undervalued. What he does when he gets there is another story. Also his shot is very blah.

29. Louis King – Oregon, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Otto Porter Jr., Better Shooting Maurice Harkless

Brief Take: Length and shooting. It’s what every NBA front office covets and in theory, Louis King can provide both.

30. Tyler Herro – Kentucky, Guard

Pro Comparisons: Unathletic Devin Booker, Nik Stauskas

Brief Take: I don’t completely believe in his three-point and his demeanor on the court is dislikable to say the least. I’ve seen him mocked at 14th in the draft, and if that happens, I will fire off a fury of snarky tweets making fun of front office incompetence.

31. Grant Williams – Tennessee, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Boris Diaw, Less Athletic Adrian Payne

Brief Take: Everyone says he’s “tough”, he’s a “winner.” I’m sorry, I don’t see it. I saw him struggle to score far too much when I watched him. I can’t believe that a 6’5” forward who can’t shoot threes very well will succeed at the next level.

32. Dylan Windler – Belmont, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Joe Ingles, Sam Dekker

Brief Take: A late bloomer who is a deadeye shooter from three and plays a smart game. Sounds likeable and playable. I would draft him.

33. Admiral Schofield – Tennessee, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Semi Ojeleye, Brandon Bass But Springy

Brief Take: I was really impressed at how well he could shoot off the dribble mid rangers. Plus, how can anyone fail with those muscles and that name?

34. Mfiondu Kabengele – Florida St., Center

Pro Comparisons: Serge Ibaka, Khem Birch

Brief Take: There’s a chance he’s in the G-League his whole career. There’s also a chance he can be the starting center for a contending team. That’s what you get with a low IQ but athletic big who also displays shooting potential.

35. Keldon Johnson – Kentucky, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Garret Temple

Brief Take: He’s just a guy who can kind of survive on defense. I really didn’t see anything that makes him stand out.

36. Talen Horton-Tucker – Iowa St, Guard

Pro Comparisons: Poor Shooting Eric Gordon, Deonte Burton

Brief Take: The 6’4” body and 7’1” wingspan is understandably appealing, and he has some good on ball moves, but the lack of a reliable shot means I can’t rank him higher.

37. Bruno Fernando – Maryland, Center

Pro Comparisons: Poor Man’s DeAndre Ayton, Rich Man’s Bismack Biyombo

Brief Take: Very athletic center with a huge, muscular frame that probably would’ve been a star 30 years ago. In modern day, I think he can only be a backup with his lack of ability to defend pick and rolls. Trevor likes him thought, and that counts for something though.

38. KZ Okpala – Stanford, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Trevor Ariza, Wesley Johnson

Brief Take: Typical athletic forward with upside, but he lacks any standout skills. He also thinks that he plays like Giannis, and if you listened to the pod, you can hear the disgust in our voices when we talked about this belief.

39. Eric Paschall – Villanova, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Paul Millsap, Short Omari Spellman (His Former Teammate BTW)

Brief Take: Sometimes he’ll look like a bowling ball that goes full throttle and overwhelms opponents. Other times he’ll look out of control and irrationally confident.

40. Darius Bazley – High School, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Nicolas Batum, Bruno Cabocolo, Skinny LaMar Odom

Brief Take: He looks very athletics, but we know almost nothing about him other than that.

41. Ignas Brazdeikis – Michigan, Guard/Forward

Pro Comparisons: Bojan Bogdanovic

Brief Take: Plays hard and has a knack for getting buckets, but he went to Michigan so that’s a major red flag.

42. Terrance Mann – Florida St., Guard/Forward

Pro Comparisons: Luc Mbah a Moute, Dorian Finney-Smith

Brief Take: Seemed very involved in every game I watched, and he’s described as a high character guy. Sounds like a second round steal to me.

43. Jontay Porter – Missouri, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Old David West, Old Sam Perkins

Brief Take: Another high character guy who has some eye popping skills, but the injury concerns will scare a lot of teams away.

44. Tremont Waters – LSU, Guard

Pro Comparisons: Tyler Ulis, Frank Mason

Brief Take: I know exactly who he is. He’ll come in, impress a coach with his quickness and ability to conduct an offense, and end up being the team’s sixth or seventh man by the end of the year.

45. Kevin Porter Jr. – USC, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Kelly Oubre, OJ Mayo off the Court

Brief Take: He embodies everything I hate about basketball. Blessed with immense talent and ability, Porter is a knucklehead with a garbage shooting form and selfish play style, not to mention that he was suspended multiple times this year. DO NOT DRAFT HIM.

46. Terrence Davis – Ole Miss, Guard

Pro Comparisons: Will Barton, E’Twaun Moore, Shake Milton

Brief Take: A solid defender, but otherwise nothing really to get excited about.

47. Jalen Lecque – High School, Guard

Pro Comparisons: Frail Russell Westbrook

Brief Take: He plays wild and out of control, but the raw athleticism is convincing enough that I have no problem with a team taking a second round flyer on him.

48. Naz Reid – LSU, Center

Pro Comparisons: Marese Speights, Andray Blatche

Brief Take: The dude can score, and scoring matters in this league. He also displays high effort, which is the constant theme with overperforming big men.

49. John Konchar – Purdue Fort Wayne, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Rockets’ Chandler Parsons

Brief Take: Very smart and very steady. I think he can contribute to a team right away.

50. Jalen McDaniels – San Diego St., Forward

Pro Comparisons: Jonathan Isaac, Brandon Ingram Without Talent

Brief Take: Didn’t like much of what I saw, as he’s way too frail an unpolished to earn meaningful NBA minutes.

51. Sagaba Konate – West Virginia, Center

Pro Comparisons: Knock Off Ben Wallace, Tristan Thompson

Brief Take: He will protect the rim. Even if he can’t do anything else, there will always be a value with a guy who punches balls out of the air like it’s nobody’s business.

52. Jaylen Hoard – Wake Forest, Guard/Forward

Pro Comparisons: Hamidou Diallo

Brief Take: An athletic, lanky guard who has some hidden potential in my opinion.

53. Luka Samanic – Croatia, Forward/Center

Pro Comparisons: Maxi Kleber, Jan Vessle

Brief Take: Feels like the typical soft, Euro big. Not a great stereotype for a draft prospect.

54. Daniel Gafford – Arkansas, Center

Pro Comparisons: Willie Cauley-Stein, John Henson

Brief Take: He’s basically Jaxson Hayes, but shorter and with a lower vertical.

55. Shamorie Ponds – St. John’s, Guard

Pro Comparisons: Austin Rivers, Trey Burke

Brief Take: He can score most certainly, but he always needs the ball in his hands, and at the very best he is the prototypical “good stats, awful team” guy.

56. Miye Oni – Yale, Guard

Pro Comparisons: Norman Powell

Brief Take: I think he gets a little overhyped just because he went to Yale. Far from a bad prospect though.

57. Justin Robinson – Virginia Tech, Guard

Pro Comparisons: DJ Augustin

Brief Take: A smaller guard who plays within himself and can shoot at a reliable clip off the catch. Sounds like a perfect 9th man on a good team to me.

58. Deividas Sirvydis – Lithuania, Forward

Pro Comparisons: Not as Loveable Kevin Huerter, Allen Crabbe

Brief Take: His shot needs to be a lot better if he wants to overcome his profound athletic deficiencies.

59. DaQuan Jeffries – Tulsa, Forward

Pro Comparisons: DeAndre Liggins

Brief Take: The vertical and build are nice, but his quickness, offensive skill set, and court awareness are a bit of an eye sore.

60. Cody Martin – Nevada, Guard

Pro Comparisons: De’Andre Bembry

Brief Take: His shot is all messed up, but he made it at an effective clip, and he is well rounded enough to carve out a role in the league over time.