My Ten Favorite Ohio State Buckeyes: The Premise

You’d figure that a website under the name “The Philly Buckeye” would have produced at least one Ohio State specific piece at this point. I’ve written a couple of columns previewing the college football season, I did a podcast with Trevor where we gave our NFL playoff predictions, and a very long time ago I wrote an article in which I told everyone which NFL and NBA franchises most closely resembled each other. Outside of that, this website has been almost entirely devoted to the NBA, seeing as it’s my favorite league to follow and I have played basketball my whole life to the point that I understand just about every little thing about the on court action I watch on TV. But truth be told, college football was my first love. I can still remember November 18, 2006, as I sat by my parents to watch “The Game of the Century” between the number one ranked Ohio State Buckeyes and the number two ranked team that resides up north (for those of you not immersed in college football lore, that team up north goes by a name that rhymes with Richigan). Ohio State won the epic 42-39 and secured me as a fan for life. No matter what happens in the NBA throughout the duration of my lifetime, the Ohio State Football Buckeyes will always be the team I root the hardest for. 

Therefore, I figure with college football season approaching, I should treat my readers to my opinion on one of the things I’m most passionate about. I’m doing a countdown of my top ten favorite Ohio State players, with each of the ten getting a column all to themselves. Before I start the series, I’ll lay out the ground rules for how I chose this list.


  1. The players must have played for Ohio State from ‘06 through ‘18, i.e., ever since I started watching Ohio State football. I’ve watched plenty Buckeye games of the past so this reasoning has nothing to do with a lack of knowledge. Historic Ohio State reminiscing is a column of its own in which I deep dive into the magic surrounding the ‘02 championship team and pump my fist in glory as the Buckeyes complete the legendary goal line stand of 1954 to finish the dreaded Wolverines. But those teams and those players are more mythical figures to me, people from before my time that I revere and love. I don’t connect to them on a personal level. They’re not “my guys”. This is a list of the guys I watched at noon every Saturday with the expectation that they’d always keep me entertained. These aren’t just my favorite Ohio State Buckeye players, they’re my friends. 
  2. THIS IS NOT A LIST OF THE TEN BEST PLAYERS, I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A LIST OF THE TEN BEST PLAYERS. A list of the ten best players of a specific team would be boring. If you haven’t followed the Buckeyes as closely as I have, you won’t care as I ramble on about stats and big game performances that you didn’t see. You may, however, be interested as I look inward and express the emotions I feel towards each of these athletes based on their on-field performances. 
  3. There’s no specific grading system. Some of my explanations might literally be, “I don’t know what to tell you, this guy is just freaking awesome.”
  4. Not really a rule but if you guys want I’ll probably write up a piece with guys who didn’t make the list, and more importantly, a list of players that you might have expected to be on this list but are actually some of my least favorite. 


Well that’s about all there is for the premise to this series. I hope you all enjoy this deep dive down Buckeye lane and don’t get too annoyed by my obsessive fandom. Till next time …