A Bittersweet Announcement

Hey everybody, I’d like to first start off this post by thanking everyone who’s kept up with my blog posts, promoted and supported my pieces on social media platforms, and are somehow willing to read 3,000 word rants about my distaste for Russell Westbrook’s play style. You have no idea how much it all means to me and how grateful I am for all of you.

The success I’ve enjoyed with this blog and sport writing in general helped me realize that I wanted to major in sports journalism. Furthermore, it has helped me land at Northwestern University, where I will soon start classes at the esteemed Medill School of Journalism. It’s truly a great opportunity that I’m blessed to have.

This great opportunity comes with an increased work load both in the classroom and outside of it, meaning that a drop off in production for this website is likely to come. It’s not going to die, I’ll try to find times to write some pieces, and I’ll most certainly write during the summer. But don’t expect a long, in-depth NBA season preview, or a constant barrage of my emails begging you to read my posts. Also, be on the lookout for a potential name change in the website, as “Thephillybuckeye” does not make a ton of sense for a current Northwestern student.

That’s all I have for now. Just wanted to make sure all of you knew what was going on. Thank you all so much, and even though I have a lot of hard work ahead of me I know I can make it through because I …. trust the process.